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Writing Samples

Website Content

This is a a website that I edited for a high end fashion company located in New York. The website is https://www.sukilux.com.  I edited many pages for this company. Sample one contains a lot of technical writing. Sample two is a short description of the site.

NOTE: Changes by the company may have been made since my final edit of the material.

College Textbooks

I have worked on various college level textbooks throughout my career.

The first sample is a chapter from an economics textbook I recently helped edit for California State University, East Bay. The second and third samples are both from a Pasadena City College textbook.

Manuscript & Screenplay

This is an except from a chapter of a novel I recently edited. This example shows the material before it was edited, followed by the final changes.

This is the first nine pages of a screenplay that I am working on with a client. This example does not show a before and after look. It just shows the polished product, since it is an original piece of work. It is WGA registered.


*Note: Red Tape is copyrighted and WGAw registered

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