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Always Expect Top Quality

I provide an array of services and tailor my work to meet your needs. Project deadline approaching? Not a problem. I offer a fast turnaround.

Old Book

Content Creation

A solid working knowledge of the subject matter is the key to writing great material.



I create persuasive, enticing copy designed to convert and increase brand awareness.

Typewriter Keys


Always accurate.

Pricing varies on length and condition of the material. It is usually for projects that will take a longer period of time to complete.

Editing services by the word depends on the depth, scope, shape and length of the material

Fountain Pen


Formatting & Style Consulting

Clean and professional. Never settle for anything less.

Open Book

Technical Writing

Concise, clear, and informative.

Editing services by the page is usually reserved for projects

that are not very lengthy (e.g., 

resumes, poems, essays, etc.)

Writing on Computer

Web Content

Unique creations tailored for companies and individuals alike.

Editing by the Hour


Editing by the Word


Editing by the Page


Rates depend on the length and the condition of the material. This option is optimal for longer-term projects.

The material's depth, scope, and shape are always considered. This option is ideal for projects with a set length/timeframe.

This service is best for projects
that are shorter (e.g., 
resumes, poems, essays, etc.)

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